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Front End Ain’t No Piece Of Cake, But It Can Be Deliciously Good: Meet SmashingConf Freiburg 2015

Some things just don’t change: SmashingConf Freiburg1 is taking place again this year, on September 14th-15th 2015, in our lovely hometown in Germany. Two days, one track, 16 brilliant speakers and 300 fantastic attendees, sharing practical insights into their craft. And the best bit: lots of networking in good ol’ beer gardens, at the very foothills of the legendary Black Forest. Tickets are now on sale.2

SmashingConf Freiburg 2015 3

$419 / €375

Get your ticket30194Practical “recipes” from real-life projects

SmashingConf 2015: “Recipes From Real-Life Projects”

Trends don’t matter, but techniques do. With another friendly, intimate conference in our lovely hometown, we’ll explore practical techniques, design patterns, lessons learned and other tasty recipes from real-life projects. As you know, we care about interesting problems and smart solutions. The goal of this event is that everybody — speakers, attendees, as well as the fellow designers and developers watching the videos later — discover new techniques and strategies that can be applied to real-life projects right away.

smashing-flags 5
This year, the Smashing Conference flags will be blowing in the wind from a Historic Merchant Hall, yet again. (Image credit6)

Again this year we’ve encouraged speakers to share real-life lessons from their projects, and explain in detail how they built it, with all the elegant and dirty decisions made along the way. It’s not just about their experiences though; we also invite you to speak up at a SmashingConf Jam Session and share your experience publicly as well.

First Speakers

We’ve invited speakers who passionately care about their craft and learned a thing or two from their own experiences. We’re happy to welcome the first confirmed speakers:

First confirmed speakers: Geri Coady and Harry Roberts 7
Among the first confirmed speakers at the SmashingConf Freiburg8 are Geri Coady and Harry Roberts.

$419 / €375

Get your ticket30194Practical “recipes” from real-life projects.


We are also happy to announce 4 full-day workshops that will take place on Wednesday, September 16th, after the two main conference days:

  • “A Techy Stretchy Image Scrimmage”20 with Eric Portis
    A hands-on workshop on dealing with native responsive images markup in real-life scenarios,
  • “Creative Workshop Facilitation”21 with Andy Budd
    Andy will be explaining how to get better at managing meetings and turn them from a productivity sink to a productivity booster,
  • “Responsive User Experience”22 with Marko Dugonjić
    You’ll learn how to plan responsive projects, establish policies, develop compatible interface elements and design visuals with performance in mind,
  • “Responsive Tips and Tricks”23 with Vitaly Friedman
    Yours truly will be presenting a renewed workshop with smart design techniques and front-end patterns on SVG, Flexbox, responsive iconography and responsive interface design patterns.

And as usual, if you book a Conference Ticket + Workshop ticket, you save €75 off the regular price24. So what are you waiting for?

Attendees Jam Session

If you’d like to give an insightful 20-min talk at the event, please contact us at vitaly@smashingconf.com with a description of the talk and we’ll get back to you. Obviously, we won’t accept any promotional talks. The more practical your talk will be, the better.

We encourage all attendees to speak up and talk about their personal experiences — it’s a good opportunity for people who never spoke before, too!

Sponsors, Dear Sponsors

We keep the ticket prices affordable for everyone, and we’re happy to welcome sponsors to help us make the conference smashing in every possible way. If you’re interested in sponsoring the event, please contact Cat (yes, it’s actually Cat—not the Smashing Cat, though!) at cat [@] smashingconf [dot] com26. We love our sponsors, and you make the event possible, and we’d be honoured to have you involved!


We want Smashing Conference to be a valuable experience, but most importantly a friendly community event with lots of delightful surprises along the way. So if you are already expecting a few surprises here and there, you definitely should—we’ve got a few special mysteries coming up your way. Do you happen to like cats? ;-) Pssst, no spoilers!

Follow us at @smashingconf27 and get more details on the SmashingConf 2014 website28. Also, more speakers will be announced soon, so get ready to be smashed with a few exciting surprises and announcements!

SmashingConf Freiburg 2015 is coming 29
In September, SmashingConf is coming back to Freiburg. The cat won’t be hiding between the Historic Merchants Hall though.

$419 / €375

Get your ticket30194Practical “recipes” from real-life projects.

Questions? Shoot us an email anytime at hello@smashingconf.com — we’d love to assist you in every possible way and would be humbled and happy to welcome you in our lovely home town Freiburg this September!

Auf Wiedersehen!

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